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About Abundant Earth

Founded in 2004 by Alina Uchida, a clinical herbalist and aromatherapist, Abundant Earth specialises in premium herbal teas and natural lifestyle products.

Health-giving organic herbs, invigorating aromatics, and generous handfuls of other natural plant-based ingredients are combined and transformed into healing herbal teas, nourishing body products, and exciting aroma blends. The goal is to bring you pure, clean, natural products, free from synthetic chemicals, that are a pleasure to use. To offer tastes, smells and sensations that make your day that bit more special.

Our commitment to looking after our planet, and sustainable consumerism is stronger than ever, hence minimal product packaging and collaborations with partners who

About: Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera)


Benefits: Grapeseed oil is a light oil, easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It's light scent and texture makes it an ideal base oil for your essential oil blends.

Directions for use: Customise your own aromatherapy body or massage oil blend by adding 20-40 drops of your favourite essential oils to 100ml Grapeseed Oil.


Cold-pressed Vitis vinifera oil

Weight (kg) 0.28
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Shipping ETA (In Days) No
Dietary Content No Artificial Ingredients
Health Consideration Chemical Free, Cruelty Free, Natural, Paraben Free, Toxic Free
Specialty Types Imported

Cold-pressed Vitis vinifera oil

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    “Great for makeup removal”


    I use grape seed oil as my makeup remover, it is the best make up remover I have ever used. I mix it with finely ground oats which makes the texture of the oil thicker, I prefer the thicker texture as it feels more soothing when I apply it. I used to be an avid user of coconut oil but I find grape seed oil to be more manageable and economical.

  • 5

    “Review Title”


    I've been using grape seed oil for the past 2 months and it has helped my facial skin so much. After about a week of use my skin glowed and the little bumps on my cheeks got way smaller. For the first month of using grape seed oil I mixed two to three drops with my moisturizer which was Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer in the morning and at night. Now I used raw unrefined shea butter by Better Shea Butter instead of the Yes to moisturizer. This oil did not break me out either, I just got 3 very little pimples but they went away fast!

  • 5

    “Review Title”


    I like to mix this with my moisturizer at bed time.
    I also like to use as a makeup remover. It absorbs into the skin easily and doest feel greasy or sticky. No scent.

  • 5

    “Review Title”


    This has replaced olive oil as my favorite facial oil! It sinks in and absorbs much better and feels like it's actually penetrating. I love that it's all natural.

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