Anaya Trigona Honey

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Anaya Trigona Honey

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You can confidently boost your immune system as our trigona honey it is scientifically proven to have potent anti-microbial strength even when compared to manuka. It is harvested only in limited quantities each year from tiny stingless bees (Trigona Biroi) that collect nectar from a wide variety of plants and herbs. Our Trigona honey contains a high level of pollen and propolis to make this the most healing natural food, and giving it its unique sweet-sour flavor and fluid texture.

Boost immunity and energy

Contains consistently high levels of propolis to give it potent antimicrobial properties

Wild raw Trigona Honey

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool dry place

Expiry Date : 1/7/2020

1 teaspoon every other day


Wild raw Trigona Honey


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Wild raw Trigona Honey


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    “I like it on honey mask ”

    —Miss Li Ting

    I have sensitive skin that prone to breakout. This time my face is again pepper with red "dots" aka acne. Knowing that trigona honey is raw and rich in anti-bacterial and vitamins, I applied it as facial mask. After 15mins of honey mask, my face emerge to look fresher and glow, the "red pokka dot" on my face feels calmer and next morning it begins to dry up which is a sign of healing! Delighted that this honey mask works well on my sensitive skin! Trigona honey is naturally infused with pollen and propolis, which helps to strengthen our immunity. I highly recommend this rare gem of nature's medicine that brings healing to our body, naturally.

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Mon, May 01, 2017

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