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About The Kettlebowl

Our granolas are made to order weekly in small batches as we take pride in ensuring that customers receive their granola at its optimum freshness.


Our granola promises a blend of wholesome ingredients to give our customers a tasty crunch of unique flavors. We have crafted a strong combination of organic steel-cut oats from Germany and imported nuts sourced from the best regions around the world, topped off with a variety of nutritious seeds and dried fruits. The Kettlebowl Granola seeks to fuel your day without compromising on taste – reinventing the journey to health and fitness.


The Kettlebowl Granola goes by the saying "Crafted by Crossfitters, for everybody". From the experienced athletes who are absolutely in tune with their bodies nutritional requirements, the average Joe who simply wants something different for breakfast, and even to the humble housewife who seeks a healthier snacking alternative for herself and the family.

On a larger scale, The Kettlebowl is a platform that is open to any level of conversation surrounding getting fitter, faster and stronger. Be it to share workout tips or healthy recipes, we look to establish fitness as an enjoyable lifestyle – a way of life rather than a habit.


Granolas are primarily made of oats, various nuts, dried fruits, and sweetened with honey or molasses.


Oats is an excellent source of low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates which allow for a slow and sustainable release of energy to fuel your day.


On top of that, it's a well known fact that nuts are high in protein and contain good fats. Plus, it's a great source of fibre. Here at The Kettlebowl, we use imported nuts from the best regions around the world.


Refer to individual flavors


Store far in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


To prolong freshness, you may opt to keep your granolas in the refridgerator.


50gm (recommended serving size)

Goes well with any kind of milk (full cream, low fat, soy milk, almond milk etc).


Also recommended to consume with yoghurt/greek yoghurt.


Great on its own as an on-the-go snack.


Use as topping on ice-cream or frozen yoghurt!


Egg Free


Granolas are primarily made of oats, various nuts, dried fruits, and sweetened with honey or molasses.

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Granolas are primarily made of oats, various nuts, dried fruits, and sweetened with honey or molasses.

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    “My FAVOURITE!!”

    —Amilia Chong

    Tried them all! They are all SO GOOD, I could not stop munching on them! So fresh that you can never experience this kinda mouthfeel in conventional granolas. Definitely good for breakfast and snack time. Nutritious, tasty, less sweet, and packed with oatsome, nutty goodness :) My personal favourite is Chocolat & Maple Pecan..Ginger!
    Highly recommended for granola lovers, gym junkies, health conscious people, snack lovers who are looking for a healthy alternative. Keep up the good work!

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Fri, May 05, 2017

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