Fressko - Lift (500mL)

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Fressko - Lift (500mL)

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With a Fressko flask, you can just pop your ingredients in and let the flask do its work. It literally just takes a few minutes for you to make yourself coffee, tea or fruit-water, and out the door you go. And Fressko flasks are also ideal for your smoothies and juices. Fressko flasks are also easy on the eyes; beautiful to look at and probably the only flask that receives compliments on its appearance!

So bid farewell to the flasks of yesteryear and get yourself a Fressko. You will be doing yourself and your health a huge favour, and also giving Mother Earth a helping hand by not buying any more (unhealthy) drinks in disposable packaging.


Recommendation: For those that want to lead healthier lifestyles


Benefits: They not only make water sexy and delicious, they also add additional vitamins and minerals into your diet. And the best part is they are so easy to put together!



Feel free to place the glass flasks in your dishwasher... but like all glass products, handle with love!

Store in a dark cabinet or completely opaque container.

Keep delicate teas separate from strongly scented teas.

Avoid storing tea in humid areas of your kitchen and house.


Directions for Use:

Fruit water - Fill with your desired fruits, add water, pop in the short filter and let it infuse.

Tea - Add loose leaf tea or a tea bag to your long infuser (be sure to use both parts of your filter) place in Fressko flask, add boiling water. Steep to your desired strength.

Smoothies / Juice - Simply fill your Fressko flask with any juice or smoothie of your choice. Generally with smoothies they are of a thick consistency so remove the filter completely.



Weight (kg) 1.00
Featured Yes
Shipping ETA (In Days) 3
Dietary Content No
Health Consideration Recyclable, Reusable
Specialty Types Imported, Reusable


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Mon, May 01, 2017

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